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  • the capital of Romania
  • situated in the south of Romania, 64 km north from the Danube, 100 km south from the Oriental Carpathians and 250 km west from the Black Sea
  • the area: 228 sqkm
  • it incorporates 6 districts
  • 1.927.559 inhabitants (Source INSSE 01.07.2004



  • Bucharest is mentioned for the first time in 1401 in the muniments of voivode Mircea the Elder
  • in 1459 Vlad Tepes raised "Cetatea Bucurestilor" ("Bucharest's Fortress"), as fortified point
  • the town was princely residence during Radu cel Frumos (Radu the Handsome's) time
  • in 1554 the Turks devastated it, being rebuilt during the reign of Patrascu cel Bun (Patrascu the Good)
  • in 1659 it becomes the capital of Wallachia
  • the year 1859, the year of the Union of the Principalities, makes Bucharest the capital of the United Principalities
  • the main river that crosses Bucharest is the Dâmboviţa river
  • the river was supplied with sewerage system in more stages: 1865, and the last in 1985-1987
  • there are a lot of lakes in the city, often surrounded by parks: Floreasca, Tei, Colentina, Cismigiu, Lacul Morii, Titan, Drumul Taberei, etc.
  • it is the biggest city and the most important political, administrative, economic, university, cultural and touristic center

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  • Romanian Athenaeum
Building with a rather special architecture , erected on the foundation of a riding school,  which explains its round silhouette - has been inaugurated in 1888.
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  • Capşa House
More than a coffee lounge, more than a meeting place for artists , poets and politicians , more than a hotel, Casa Capşa has been for more than two centuries the symbol of Bucharest.
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The most spotted touristic destination in Romania, The Parliament's Palace attracts visitors  from all over the world wishing to witness all those superlatives that have brought this building in first three positions of the Guiness Book of Records
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Parliament's Palace...
Hosted by the building that has belonged for over a century to the royal family of Romania, the museum offers to the visitor alongside the valuable art collection of the royal family, important public collections, arranged in  rigurously defined categories : graphics, medieval art, decorative arts or oriental art. 
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The National Art Museum ...

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