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Palace of the Patriarchy


  • The building named today Palace of the Patriarchy, was built by the state of Romania, at the beginning of the 20th c., on the site of the former hall of the Assembly of Deputies on Dealul Mitropoliei in Bucharest. The old hall of the Assembly of the Deputies together with the adherent area belonged to the Metropolitanate of Wallachia, that had its residence in the buildings surrounding the present-day cathedral on Dealul Mitropoliei, as attested by the documents of the time.
  • This building complex made up of the Palace of the Patriarchy, the Patriarchal Residence and the Patriarchal Cathedral is situated on the site of “Holy Emperors Constantin and Elena” monastery, foundation donated to the Metropolitanate of Wallachia by ruler prince Constantin Serban Voda (1654-1658).
  • The metropolitan played an important role in the Assembly of Wallachia, in the second half of the 19th c., and as a consequence all the important historical events in Wallachia took place on Dealul Mitropoliei; it is worth mentioning that on the 24th of January 1859 the Elective Assembly of Wallachia presided by metropolitan Nifon in the former Assembly of the Deputies hall voted the act of the union of Wallachia and Moldavia by electing Alexandru Ioan Cuza as unique prince of the Romanian Principalities.

The monumental building of the Palace of Parliament, now the Palace of the Patriarchy, was built according to architect I. Maimarolu plans, being the first reinforced concrete construction in the country. In time it suffered modifications, the most important being the reconstruction of the cupola, that fell down during the earthquake on the 10th of November,1940.

  • As the Parliament of Romania – the Chamber of the Deputies – moved in another building and this construction was built on the site of the Church, the Romanian Patriarchy claimed it and in October 1996 it was given back.
  • At present, the Romanian Patriarchy rejoices at this beautiful Complex consisting of: the Patriarchal Residence, the Palace of the Patriarchy, the Patriarchal Cathedral and the accommodation building.




So, the Palace of the Patriarchy has at its disposal smaller or larger living spaces:

  • "N. Iorga" Hall, for 50-150 persons
  • "The Press Hall", for 100-250 persons
  • "The Reception Hall", for 400-600 persons
  • 6 special rooms for 30-50 persons
  • The big Hall – the largest space, having 900 seats, of which 400 at the groud floor.
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