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Museum of Art Collections


  • located on 111, Calea Victoriei
  • it was founded in 1978 and it hosts private collections donated to the state along the years
  • besides these, works of European and Oriental art are also displayed
  • the following collections are exhibited in the museum:



►  Garabet Avachian Collection

    • comprises 1.103 objects of art and is dominated by Theodor Pallady’s work
    • beside Pallady’s work - "Lalele Albe", "Femeie pe fotoliu", "Natura moartă cu caseta roşie", etc there are paintings by Nicole Grigorescu- "Portretul lui Alexandru Davila-copil", Ştefan Luchian -"Căpşuni", Gheorghe Petraşcu, Iosif Iser, Nicolae Tonitza, Abcar Baltazar, Dimitrie Ghiaţă and Alexandru Ciucurencu
    • the collection also includes icons on glass from the 18-19th c.

► Avakian Collection

  • it consists of Oriental art composed of jewels, wood and ivory miniature, embroideries, Boemia crystal and painting - belonging to Beatrice Avakian and small bronze statuettes, archeological pieces, Roman glassware, textiles or ceramics - belonging to Hrandt Avakian, Beatrice’s brother
    •  the collection also comprises Hrandt Avakian’s pictures

► Advocate Hurmuz Aznavorian Collection

    • it is a donation of Rodica Aznavorian Sfinţescu and of Claudiu Sfinţescu
    • it is made up of 300 pieces of work

► Clara and Anatol E. Baconsky Collection

    • in 1980, Letiţia Amarascu, Clara Baconsky’s sister, donated to the state 21 works of art: paintings, graphics and icons on glass

► Marcu Beza Oriental Art Collection

    • Hortensia and Vasile G. Beza’s donation
    • Marcu Beza succeeded to collect along his life 373 objects of art
    • the pieces represent a large geographic area, from Middle East to Japan
    • the most important piece is the so called Arabic room, where the textile exhibits occupies a special place

► Céline Emilian Collection

    • the collection was donated to the state in 1983 and is composed of 44 works of sculptor Céline Emilian
    • beside the paintings one can admire two busts, that of the architect Ion Ludosanu and the other of engineer George Mavrocordat

► Elena, Maria and Dr. Iosif N. Dona Collection

    • the collection illustrates the most important evolutions and tendencies in autochthonous art
    • it includes works of painters, such as Nicolae Grigorescu, Theodor Palady, Ştefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza or that of some known sculptors - Vladimir Hegel, Oscar Han, Miliţa Petraşcu

► Dr. Sandu Lieblich Collection

    • the collection was donated in 1979 and 1982 by Aurel Leiblich, Sandu’s brother
    • it consists of 50 objects of art, paintings and Romanian graphics
    • the most important are those belonging to Marce Iancu: two oil paintings and 5 of graphics
    • to these one can add works by Iosif Iezer, Gheorghe Pătraşcu, Nicolae Tonitza, M. H. Maxy and Nina Arbore

► Dr. Mircea Petrescu and Prof. Artemiza Petrescu Collection

    • it has two sections: painting and engravings

► Sică Alexandrescu Collection

    • it has 4 pictures donated by Aurelia Alexandrescu, the artist’s wife
    • they are reference works in the Romanian art: "Borcanul cu pensule" - Gheorghe Pătraşcu, "Nud văzut din spate" - Nicolae Tonitza, "Natura statică cu amenone" - Theodor Paladdy, "Arlechin şi dansatoare" - Iosif Iezer

► Alexandra and Barbu Slătineanu’s Comparative art Collection

    • it comprises 400 objects belonging to the Romanian, Occidental and Oriental areas that were donated to the museum in 1979

► Dumitru and Maria Ştefănescu – Col. Gheorghe Preda Collection

    • it takes in pieces of art belonging to the artists of the second half of the 19th c.: Sava Henţia, Constantin Lecca, Gheorghe Tattarescu, Nicolae Grigorescu

► Josefina and Eugen Taru Collection

    • 152 pieces of which 38 are signed by Eugen Taru
    • the collection is made up of works of painting and graphics of Romanian artists, icons on wood and glass, objects of art from Far East


  Bibliography:  * Ghidul Muzeelor Bucureştene, Editura Carte de Buzunar, Luminiţa Ionescu

Copyright ©2009

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