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Geology National Museum


  • situated on 2, Kiseleff Road
  • it is arranged in the historical building of the Geological Institute of Romania
  • the building was designed by architect Victor Gh. Stefanescu and it is in NeoBrancovan style having two symmetrical wings
  • the building dates from 1906 and it was initially destined to the Geological Institute which carried on its activity until 1966, when it was given other headquarters
  • the building was declared architectonic monument


Geology National Museum was inaugurated and officially opened on the 10th of April, 1990 and it comprises all the branches of the geological science in its 14 basic exhibitions. 


  • the exhibits exemplify the respective fields: mineralogy, petrography and mineral deposits, represented in the scientific collections by about 45.000 samples, out of which 6.000 were selected to be displayed for the public, paleozoology and paleobotany, with about 25.000 samples in scientific collections, out of which 1.730 are exhibited in the museum, in the systematic rooms, as well as in those of historical geology, stratigraphic geology and Geology of Romania.


  • "Mine Flowers" room, considered the most spectacular permanent exhibition of the museum, holds about 500 creations of nature coming from the metalliferous deposits from Baia Mare, the Metaliferi Mountains and from Banat

  Geology National Museum Bucharest- mine flowers Geology National Museum - fluorescent minerals  

  • "Fluorescent Minerals" exhibition holds over 300 samples and it is considered unique in the world of the same profile museums due to its size.









  • the permanent exhibition “Romania’s Geology” has a geological map in relief of Romania, rocks, fossils and minerals characteristic to each tectonic unit, color images that represent special passages or natural openings in the rocks.










  • Paleontology Exhibition

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