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The National Military Museum


  • Located on 125-127 Mircea Vulcanescu street, district 1
  • It was founded on December 18th, 1923
  • In 1924 it was opened to the public
  • It has an exhibition area of 22.150 m², and its military history patrimony comprises 1.280.000 pieces




Technical Park



  • it houses pieces from the end of the 18th c. to the beginning of 1990s. There are exhibited field guns, mortars, trench mortars, mountain guns, anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank guns, reactive artillery, tanks, utilitarian cars etc.




Aviation and Cosmology Pavilion

  • It is a specially arranged pavilion on a surface of 500 m² on which are exhibited: over 300 planes, engines, dashboard apparatus, aeronautic weapons and plane models, illustrating the evolution of the Romanian aeronautics from 1906 up to the present.

Aviation Aviation


Harnesses and Riding Accessories Pavilion 


  • It exhibits carriages and sleighs that belonged to the Royal family and to its escort companions. There is a place dedicated to military harnesses: ammunition wagon, transmission wagon, field kitchen, luggage wagon, all used by the Romanian army during World War I. There are also harness pieces and civil and military riding accessories.


Romanian Uniforms Collection 


  • There are more than 150 Romanian uniforms. One can notice the uniforms belonging to the kings of Romania: Carol I, Ferdinand and Carol II, and those of marshals Constantin Presan and Alexandru Averescu.



Weapons and Fire Arms Collection

  • It includes original pieces of armament from the 15th c. up to the present. From the approximately 13.000 pieces, only 220 weapons are exhibited. Most of the collection is represented by weapons and fire arms used by the Romanian army in the last century.

    Orders and Medals Collection 


    • The richest collection of this kind in the country, comprises 12.000 medals, Romanian medals as well as foreign ones. The collection also contains a great number of commemorative plaquettes and badges.The oldest medal of the collection is the “Union” order created in 1864.



    The structure of The National Military Museum is the following:

    • Pavilion A - permanent historical exhibition – with old history, medieval history and contemporary history sections
    • Pavilion B - permanent exhibition of medieval, modern and contemporary armament, Romanian uniforms and accessories
    • Pavilion C1 - aviation exhibits
    • Pavilion F - harnesses collection and riding accessories
    • The Park of the Museum - armoured artillery and motor vehicles

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