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Kretulescu Church, Fundenii Doamnei Church,
Mihai-Voda Monastery


Kretzulescu Church

  • situated on Calea Victoriei (Victoria Avenue), near the Royal Palace
  • built between 1720-1722 by chancellor Iordache Kretulescu, in Brancovenesque style
  • the construction is of a three-cusped plan, with a slender spire, and a belfry above the narthex
  • inside one can see a large narthex, separated from the nave by three arches
  • entering the church is done through an open porch, supported by tall stone columns in which simple arches are opened in the center
  • the porch painting is the genuine one
  • the facades are sober, with no paintings, decorated with apparent brick
  • the interior stores a collection of rare icons from Kretulescu’s collection (19th c.)
  • the interior painting belongs to Gheorghe Tattarescu, between 1859-1860
  • the exterior of the church was plastered at the beginning but with the restoration done, in 1935-1936, under the supervision of architect Stefan Bals, it remained in apparent brick
  • the church was repaired again in the years 1942-1943, because of the 1940 earthquake
  • new restorations were made inside as well as outside the church, after the 1977 earthquake and 1989 revolution

Fundenii Doamnei Church

  • located on 105, Fundeni Road
  • it was raised in 1699 on the banks of lake Fundeni by sword bearer Mihai Cantacuzino
  • it is surrounded by a lot of graves, a real cemetery
  • it is of a trichonch plan having the tower spire on the nave and a belfry on the pronaos
  • the portal is of a Baroque inspiration
  • the construction was renovated in 1860 by Lady Maria Ghica, being called “Fundenii Doamnei Church” by the inhabitants of the town
  • the mural painting was executed in the workshops of the famous master-painter Pârvu Mutu

Mihai-Voda Monastery

  • lies on 35, Sapientei street, behind a block-of -flats complex raised on the Dambovita bank, not far from Unirii Square
  • it was built between 1589-1591 by the famous voivode Michael the Brave on the site of an old church, which had a strong defense wall around it and big princely houses used later as residence for some Phanariot rulers
  • it is consecrated to St. Nicholas
  • the façade is divided into two registers, decorated with arches and niches with saw like teeth, with rows of bricks alternating with other bricks put vertically
  • on the eastern side the belfry tower is preserved
  • in 1922 the church was given to the Knights of Mihai Viteazu (Michael the Brave)’s Order by Ferdinand I, King of Romania
  • it is one of Bucharest’s most representative monuments

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